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The first game of the new tournament

As you are aware, the academic lyceum “International House Tashkent” will be seeking Zakovat specialists among its pupils as of February 7, 2023, and has also prepared attractive awards for the winning experts. For information:From February 7 to May 2, an updated Zakovat intellectual game tournament will be held at our lyceum every Tuesday at […]

TEDed Club 2023

Since 2020, the Academic Lyceum “International House Tashkent “TIIAME” NRU, has held an annual TED conference at which outstanding lyceum students speak.  Every year the conference of the TED Club of the lyceum “Interhouse” takes place in prestigious presentation halls and institutions of our country and this year the event was held in cooperation with […]

Winter Fair 2022

On December 24, a Winter Fair was held at the academic lyceum “International House Tashkent”, on the initiative of the administration and Students’ Union. The students of the groups united and prepared their own unique New Year’s table, and some even managed to cook kebabs in the open air. The main purpose of the event […]

Open dialogue with lyceum students

On December 2, the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers held a meeting with the director and students of the academic lyceum “International House Tashkent”, as well as with a special speaker. At the beginning of the event, the students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the university itself. A video was […]

The Higher School of Economics turns 30 years old!

In 2022, on November 27, the Higher School of Economics turned 30 years old. In this regard, the authority of the strategic partner of the HSE Academic Lyceum “International House Tashkent” and the “TIIAME” NRU were invited to a number of events organized by the Higher School of Economics. Vice-rector for International Cooperation Salokhiddinov Abdulhakim […]

The international level teachers of “International House Tashkent” academic lyceum

From November 22 to November 25, 2022, Podaev Mikhail Valerievich visited the academic Lyceum “International House Tashkent”. Podaev Mikhail Valerievich-candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, member of the commission for the examination of the regional stage of the All-Russian Mathematics Olympiad, developer of the school stage Olympiad in mathematics. He is a teacher at Sirius Educational Center, […]

« The autumn ball» — 2022

On November 26, the academic lyceum “INTERNATIONAL HOUSE TASHKENT” of NRU TIIAME hosted the “Autumn Ball”, which is a significant event in the social life of our students. At the beginning of the event, the president of the Students Union, made a welcoming speech to the children. And also throughout the evening we were accompanied […]

Zakovat intellectual game’s new season has started

The intellectual capacity of today’s youth is growing immensely, surprisingly erudite, resourceful and out-of-the-box thinking.The students of “International House Tashkent” Lyceum are no exception and also abound with suggestive intellectual abilities and education in a variety of fields. November 24, an intellectual game “Zakovat” was held at the lyceum for such enthusiasts. The purpose of […]