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“Don’t waste your time in vain and start preparing for admission as early as possible” – an interview with Sardor Rajabov.

Greetings to you, dear reader.
Today, Sardor will tell us about himself. Sardor is a second-year student of MGIMO, who got a 100% scholarship to the Higher School of Economics and also to the capital of Great Britain – London, to be more exact London School of Economics.

Let’s talk about Russia first. Where did you apply, and to which department?
I entered the HSE in Moscow at two departments, “Economics and Data Analysis” and “Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics” (“Logistics”). But in the end the second option turned out to be closer and more interesting to me.

Why you have chosen this direction?
I am interested in the study of finance and I want to connect it with my future profession.

How did you apply and what exams did you take?
To enter the HSE, I took an internal exam on such subjects as Russian language (95 points) and a math exam (99 points). In total I got 194 out of 200.

How long did you prepare to get such a high score?
I went to a Russian school, but I started to study Russian hard two years ago. I have been studying mathematics a little bit more, we didn’t make friends with it till the 8th grade, I had only 3’s, but thanks to my parents and my efforts at the moment I know this subject very well.

Did you win a grant or tuition discount? Will you receive a scholarship?
Yes, I won the grant, the university itself will pay for 4 years of my tuition and I will also receive a monthly stipend.

As far as we know, you also got into the University of London. Tell us about it.
I got into the London School of Economics a month ago. I had to take an internal English exam and an interview, where they asked questions about the history of London, mathematics and English.

Which university did you choose and why? And do you have any plans to apply elsewhere?
I think HSE is a decent university and I choose it. The plus side is that they offer me full coverage of the cost of education, as in London there is no such thing. At the moment I am starting to apply to American universities and I hope to go to Harvard University in the near future.

Did any certificates/diplomas help you in getting accepted? 
Actually, they did, I have a lot of volunteer certificates and diplomas from Olympiads. It is true that I do not have IELTS or SAT certificates, but you better have them even if they are not required for admission to the universities you want.

You said about the Olympiads, what Olympiads or competitions did you participate in?
In 9th grade, I participated in a math Olympiad where I ended up taking 3rd place in the city. After entering the Lyceum, I didn’t pay much attention to the Olympiads.

What advice would you give to students applying abroad.
Don’t waste your time in vain and start preparing for admission as early as possible.

Interviewer: Abdurakhmanova Rano, 1SS1
Photographer: Yunusov Mukhammadali, 1TN1