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Fascinating journey

On May 22, 2018, a tour was organized for International House Tashkent students to the fabulous capital of Eastern culture – Samarkand.

Month of May. Spring is losing gradually its position in favor of a hot summer. For Interhouse students, the most important period of the year begins-the time of the final tests. Students prepare hard, and they spend day and night with their favorite textbooks.

As they say, you can’t catch easily a fish out of a pond. But do not forget that working without rest on time, you will not get a good result. The students who were awarded this trip were not students who had been driving around during the school year. These were people who won prizes in the International Olympiad of the Higher School of Economics, the winners of the intellectual game ” What? Where? When?”, the participants of the project “Technovation”, as well as all those who participate actively in the life of the Lyceum. These are students who give their all for the sake of development, future and favorite educational institution of IHT. Such students can be considered the future of Uzbekistan.

The short trip.

After a long time, but it was very fun and inspiring bus ride, during the day our students visited all the famous historical and Holy places of the city in Samarkand.

The group was accompanied by a guide who told all the pitfalls and legends of this city. After visiting absolutely all the sights and experiencing a pleasant fatigue, the students anticipated a long, but unforgettable tour to home.

About the organizers and accompanying people on this trip.

The one of the organizers in this tour were the Director of the academic Lyceum International House Tashkent Tillyaev Alisher Hasanovich. It was his idea and initiative that an informative and at the same time entertaining trip was arranged. To make a worthy choice of students helped Nigora Rajabova who was a key organizer. Accompanying this tour was such a wonderful and energetic teachers as Raykhon Turganovna , Rosa Nuriddinova , Otabek Gusarov , Ilhom Bahromovich, Marina Olegovna, Nigora Sirojiddinova, as well as the PR-Manager of the Lyceum Maryam.

The students expressed their gratitude to the organizers and accompanying staff of this tour for their work and care.

And me?

Didn’t you go? Think about it, why?

Be more active, fight for yourself and your great future, participate in all events, Olympiads, competitions, show your skills in different sides, make a contribution to the development of yourself , your Lyceum , city , country. Your work will be rewarded!

Thanks for your attention!