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The advantage of the Lyceum is the equipment of the classrooms. The lyceum is equipped with modern equipment for laboratory work in many subjects. In IHT, students can use them and everything they need, all conditions for study are provided for the young people.


Академический лицей International House Tashkent при Ташкентском Институте Ирригации и Мелиорации открыл онлайн-регистрацию для выпускников 9-х классов на 2020-2021 учебный год в области Точных и Социально-гуманитарных наук.

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The main difference between the Lyceum and schools is the attitude of the teachers. No one here will force you to learn, everything falls entirely on your shoulders. Interhouse makes students more responsible by creating an atmosphere of friendship and team spirit.

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Non scholae, sed vitae discimus

For 25 years of activity in the Academic Lyceum International House Tashkent more than 5000 graduates. The Lyceum has developed a management system that reflects the specifics of the educational institution by ensuring continuity in the activities of all management structures, mutual responsibility, and the criterion of responsibility for each – the result. Our success confirms this. Every year the graduates enter higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and beyond its borders. The result is the rate of admission to universities of graduates, on average 90-95%. The main criterion is discipline and consistency in all parameters of educational activity of the educational institution.

The wealth of society is largely generated by knowledge and skills; it is created mainly by educated people. Of course, two years of study at the Lyceum is a pre-professional preparation of students in the academic Lyceum on the way to higher education. Our activities are aimed at creating comfortable conditions in classrooms, on the territory of the Lyceum, in the communicative culture, to encourage and support gifted students.

Tillaev Alisher Khasanovich

Director Of The Academic Lyceum International House Tashkent

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