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“I wasn’t at all scared of the responsibility entrusted to me” – interview with the president of SU IHT – Khoshimhujaeva Anora.

Good day, dear readers. We are coming back to you with a new interesting series of interviews with the heads of the Student Union of our Lyceum. Our president, ex-head of IHT Volunteers, and just a second-year social-humanities student Anora Khoshimhujaeva will start our marathon and tell you about her journey.

 Do you remember your first day at the Lyceum, what was it like?
 At the time of the beginning of my first year at the Lyceum there was the midst of quarantine due to the spread of Covid-19, so the first two weeks we studied online on the platform Zoom. That very first day, I woke up a few hours before lesson time and sat in front of my computer waiting for something interesting to happen. I’m not sure I remember my first offline day, but the thrill that was present when I went to the Lyceum for the first time cannot be forgotten.

Was it difficult to study? What was your favorite subject?
I felt a great difference between studying at school and at the Lyceum. For this reason, at first I had to get used to a different atmosphere and pace of work, but I got used to it quickly enough and then I had no difficulties. My favorite subject for me is “Basics of Spirituality” because during this pair any student has an opportunity to share their thoughts not only with each other but also with an adult teacher and hear their discussion on a particular topic.

How do you think if teachers were asked about you, how would they characterize you?
 They would say that I’m the truant who doesn’t go to lessons.

 Tell me, how did you prepare for the election? Was there anyone who helped you?
 I prepared for the election very hard. I tried to decorate my presentation beautifully, which eventually had technical problems. I asked the kids what they were interested in, what ideas or suggestions they had, and what they wanted from the new president. My friends and groupmates helped me in the election, they were very supportive and were there for me.

What were your emotions when the results were announced?
 Before the results were announced, I did not realize the promise of the position. The first thing I thought about was the hope and the responsibility that was put on me. It didn’t scare me in the slightest.

Are you satisfied with membership of this year’s SU? Did you argue a lot?
Yes, I am very happy with the new SU, all my girls are very responsible, hard working and diligent. I would like to single out Asal, head of “SLEO”, for her hard work. Speaking of arguments, we did not have any.

Did you keep in touch with the last SU team?
Yes, I keep in touch with last year’s alumni. In particular with ex-president – Amirslanov Iskander. In my first year he was a mentor for me and of course a good friend, and now despite the fact that we live in different countries, we remain in the same friendship.

 Would it have been difficult to hold such a position? What lessons have you learned along the way?
 As I’ve said before, being president is a big responsibility. It’s a responsibility because you’re not just trusted by the Lyceum administration, but also by the kids. You are the voice of their ideas and the person trying to make them happen. In my first year i was a head of the “IHT Volunteer”, I considered myself ready for the next stage – the presidency. The main rule I learned was not to confuse friendship with work. You have to draw a clear line between when you are colleagues and when you are friends.

What advice would you give to the next generation of SU?
My advice to a future president: Don’t put a person in the role of head of department, if you do it only because of friendship or because of their support in your direction. First and foremost, consider the person’s efficiency and responsibility. His communication skills and ability to work, not just alone, but also as part of a team.

Tell us about your most memorable event in two years. The first thing that came to your mind.

Of course the first thing that came to my mind was the Autumn Masquerade. This event, which was held in October, was the first major project since I became president. It took a lot of time and effort to organize, but thanks to my team everything went smoothly and we succeeded. I was pleased with the fact that everyone was happy, including the students and administration of our Lyceum.

 We thank Anora for such an interesting story, and we will meet you, dear readers, very soon with no less interesting guest, see you soon!

Interviewer: Abdurakhmanova Rano, 1SG1

Photographer: Sardor Akhmedjanov, 2ES2