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“International House Tashkent” academic lyceum’s active students awarded scholarship

In order to create the necessary conditions for the development of the system of selection of young people with disabilities, to support them, to stimulate the aspirations of the growing younger generation to science, to systematically implement the reforms aimed at realization of the social and creative potential, as well as to improve the activities of academic lyceums, the president of the Republic – on March 29, the academic Lyceum “International House Tashkent” was one of the first to organize the ceremony of awarding scholarships “Honour of lyceum” of National Research University “Tashkent Institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers” according to the decision of the pedagogical Council of the academic Lyceum to students with the highest achievement indicators in all disciplines.

In general, the scholarship of the National Research University “Scientific Council” of the Tashkent Institute of irrigation and Agricultural Engineers was awarded to 32 students of the Lyceum with the scholarship “pride of our academic Lyceum” International House Tashkent.
– “The reforms in such an educational sector will give a great impetus to the growing youth to further improve their enthusiasm for education and increase their interest in education,” says the students of the Lyceum.

This event was organized by the rector of the National Research University” Tashkent Institute of irrigation and agricultural engineers”, professor Bahadir Suyunovich Mirzaev. The scholarships were awarded with memorable gifts, scholarships and diplomas.

Of course, young people who are worthy of such attention and honor will justify the confidence expressed in the future by their achievements, successes in the way of science. This is manifested in their settings, in their eyes!