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Interview with Alisher Khasanovich

We haven’t seen each other for a long time, dear readers.

I think I will not be mistaken if I say that not many people can easily remember the names of their teachers, but the director’s name is not so easy to forget.

I think it applies to our esteemed director, Alisher Khasanovich Tillaev.

Today it is with great pleasure that I present to you an interview with the director of the Academic Lyceum International House Tashkent.

Why do you think applicants and their parents choose the Interhouse?

I think they choose based on the feedback and results of our gifted students and alumni. Also, a wonderful social life, which is created by the students themselves, improves and makes it more and more interesting. And of course, most importantly, the results of our graduates. For the last 3-4 years our applicants have had an almost 100% rate of enrollment in higher educational institutions around the world.

In addition, the attitude of the teaching staff and administration towards children. We do not stand still and every year, starting from October, we try to visit all the prestigious schools in Tashkent to present our lyceum, trying to choose a good contingent for ourselves.

As far as I know, the idea to create a Student Council belongs to you. How did you come to this?

As I told you earlier, the idea is not mine. Since the beginning of the work of the Lyceum, the Students Union has been functioning for more than 25 years. We have always had a lot of gifted students. I can proudly note that our graduates live and work in 125 countries around the world. From the very beginning of the existence of the Lyceum, the Student Council functioned there, where our students implemented themselves with great enthusiasm. Over the past 3-4, we have developed this sphere the most.

You have been the director of the lyceum for 6 years. What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of the journey, what did you manage to achieve?

This is a very good question. To be honest, six years ago I was younger, I was only 29 years old. Since it was the first lyceum where they worked specifically with young people. Those were hard times, the first 2-3 years we had to work very hard. But it bore fruit after 4 years. I can proudly say that all our plans have come true over the past 2 years, because students began to love us. I am very pleased to see our graduates who continue to visit our lyceum every day, to say pleasant words to us. I start to feel that they are still here. These are very successful students studying in prestigious universities. Also, I can proudly declare that in these universities our graduates are the chairmen of the student council. They play a very important role in the social life of these institutions.

If you remember Alisher Khasanovich, who just became the director of Interhouse, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your journey?

At the time we started out blindly. Our mentors entrusted us with this lyceum and we began to think like students. At this level, we have already begun to resolve some issues. And we were right. But still, if I had the opportunity to go back in time, I would set myself a deadline for completing tasks not for six years, but for two or three years, so that by this time I would have done even more. But I do not regret the years passed, and with admiration I can say that these are my best six years.

Tell us about Uktam Pardaevich as your mentor.

It is very difficult for me to talk about this person, because Uktam Pardaevich was a mentor not only for me, but also for many other leaders and students. Many young people consider themselves to be his students. I’ll tell you this, Uktam Pardaevich for me was not only a teacher, but also a second father. All my successes are somehow connected with this person.

Are you satisfied with the level of the Lyceum at the moment?

Of course I am very pleased. Unlike you, I have the opportunity to “compare”. We are happy with every year whatever it may be. I would also like to note that we still do not work at 100% level, but despite this, year after year it is getting better and better. About 10% of all the work that was planned has not been done. Together with our colleagues and your help, we will go to the world level.

In that case, another question. What is this 10%, what does it include?

I mean our unfinished but already started projects. Our goal is to completely eliminate the traditional format. You notice that day by day we are more and more coming to the digitalization of learning. We have a “smart lyceum” project and very soon our financial and technical base will make it possible to fully implement it. When it comes into effect, we will make even more progress.

In your opinion, does the lyceum have competitors?

How would you answer, there are always competitors. But not among secondary educational institutions, but among higher educational institutions. Our goal is to be at the highest level, with which our talented students help us. This is proved by our statistics, which is available on our website.

Do you have a favorite graduates?

I will answer this way, there is not any class that i did not like. Each issue has its own contingent and they are all the best. I have tried very hard to keep good communication for many years. I always say one thing to our graduates, “We invest in you so that after graduating from universities, taking honorary jobs, you remember and help your lyceum.”

Interhouse is a great platform to find yourself and really work on yourself. Olympiads, webinars, presentations, which the students themselves organize. Has it always been this way?

Nice question, I like it very much. At least when my team and I started our work, there were of course our own circles and other activities. But with regard to social life, in the beginning, we forced the students to participate in this. Later we started helping them. Now you can see for yourself, students simply do not leave us alone, showing a lot of ​​initiative, and we just help to realize their desires.

Please share with our students what are our plans for 2021-2022 academic year?

I have already told you about several projects. If the global pandemic allows us, it would be very good to organize international summer or winter camps for our very best students and teachers. We will try very hard to fully cover all expenses with the help of our friends and sponsors. I think this is our first main goal for 2021-2022.

Well, the second, as I said, is to complete the project on the transition to digital education “Smart Lyceum”.

Honors for your reading!