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Kira’s razz – Derek Percival

We don’t need drum rolls this time, do we?

 “Kira`s razz” is with you and I hope you were waiting for this!

 Today we have a wonderful teacher and gentleman from South Africa who does not look like an African at all.  Our sophomores in particular know him well because this is Mr. Derek, the man who teaches Shakespeare`s language at the IHT!  Now let’s move on to what you poked on this link for – to the interview!

 Kira: Good afternoon, Mr. Derek!  This is our first meeting, so it’s nice to meet you, my name is Kira, and today I will be your interviewer.

 Derek: Mutually!  I have a bad memory for names, but I will try to remember.

 Kira: Let’s not stop there and start!

 Which countries have you already visited?

  • I have visited about 25 different countries. But I spent most of my time in Asia.

 Which one did you like the most?

  • I think I liked South Korea the most, I lived there for 3.5 years. It was a wonderful time.

 How did you work in those countries?

  • I have taught in South Korea, Thailand, Spain, and now here – in Uzbekistan.

 Why did you choose Uzbekistan?

  • Honestly, I came here because of a job offer.

 Kira: Oh, just like Enxhi

  • Right, we both worked in the same school in Spain before, and now we work together again, but now at Interhouse.

 A stereotype about Uzbekistan that turned out to be wrong.

  • Yes, there is one. For example, the fact that Tashkent has proved that Uzbekistan is a fully developed country.

 The stereotype about Uzbekistan, which has been confirmed.

  • I think sometimes people in Uzbekistan have a different sense of time and urgency, just like in the country I came from.

 What is the most amazing thing for you in our country?

  • What surprised me most was how convenient this country is in terms of information. I didn’t expect there to be apps for everything like LeBazar, Express24.  These things make life easier.

 Are there any similarities between South Africa and Uzbekistan?

  • There are some similarities between South Africa and Uzbekistan because we are also a developing country. Africa has very “rural” areas as well as very developed areas, as well as in Uzbekistan.  So does poverty and inequality.  The difference between the very rich and the very poor in Uzbekistan is very similar.

 Have you ever been to other cities of Uzbekistan, besides Tashkent?

  • Yeah, I spent 3 days in Samarkand, everything went great, it is a very exciting historical city.

 Which country will be next?

  • I am currently also working in China, remotely, so I think this might be my next country next year.

 Do you have a goal that can be achieved with the IHT?

  • Let’s say one of my goals is to be a teacher, so if I didn’t have this job, I would be stuck at the computer all day. Interacting with real students is one of the goals IHT helped me achieve.

 Why did you decide to teach?

  • In fact, it happened by accident, I never thought that I would ever become a teacher. But I really enjoyed teaching compared to working in the corporate world.  I realized that this was a really successful career.

 Favorite thing in your work.

  • Chat with students all day!

 Are people in our country skeptical of you because of this?

  • Well, the only thing I always hear is that I am from Africa and not black. But I don’t think people are in a bad mood.  Maybe they’re just curious.

 What was your very first job?

  • My very first job was in a department store, in the clothing department. I was a regular salesperson.

 What are you grateful for in your life?

  • I am truly grateful to my friends and family, especially my family, who have supported me throughout my life.

 Have you ever had to sacrifice something for your job?

  • Part of being a teacher is putting off your personal goals while working towards professional goals.

 If you had the opportunity to meet any person that ever existed, who would it be?

  • Wow, this is a really difficult question. Probably someone who has visited unknown places, someone like an astronaut.  Someone who has done what people thought was impossible.

 Do you think your grades in school matter?

  • Grades in school are of little value. Students need to know how they are doing, and parents need to know how their children are doing.  Grades can be a great incentive for you to improve.

 What advice can you give to people learning foreign languages?

  • Hmm, I’ve had to do this a few times, but to no avail, so I’m not sure if I’m the person to ask. I would suggest watching any videos, TV series or whatever to understand native speakers.  The best you can do is find a language exchange partner.

 Kira: I really like the way our interview goes.  Unfortunately, it’s almost over, but we have a quick poll for you!  Let’s go!

 Food or sleep?

  • Sleep, no need to think

 Traveling by car or plane?

  • Car

 Dogs or cats?

  • Doggies

 Sunset or sunrise?

  • Recently, I have been watching the sunrise every morning, so I will choose it

 Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

  • Bill Gates

 Live in nature or in the city?

  • It is not simple. But I’ll have to choose nature.

 Large and noisy company or quiet gatherings?

  • Quiet gatherings

 Intuition or Logic?

  • Logics

 Venus or Mars?

  • Mars

 Kira: Thanks for the answers!  Your feedback is very important to us.  No, this is not an ordinary phrase, everyone is really interested.

 Derek: Thanks for your time!

 Kira: Thank you!  Yoo ar welcom!


 Kira`s razz really hopes that you enjoyed learning about our foreign teachers and now you are a little more motivated to attend their classes.  Do not miss your chance!


 Honors for your reading!


Interviewer: Shamsutdinova Kira, 1SS1 @kira_mercury

Translation from uzbek: Hoshimhodjaeva Anora, 1SS1 @maybe.anora

Photo by: Tavkhidova Adelina, 1MES2 @dvrseau