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Kira’s razz — Farangis Yusupiy

It’s been a while, isn’t it?

I apologize for the long absence of your beloved interviews, but I can assure you it was worth it. Today, I can’t find enough adjectives to describe our guest’s awesomeness.  I ask you to love (and how else) and to favor, Yusupy Farangis Ulugbekovna!


Kira: Once again, skipping formalities, I would like to start the interview right away.

As far as I know, when you first came to the Lyceum, you worked as an English teacher.  How did you manage to take the position of deputy of principal?

Work, work and again work. At the time of my arrival at the lyceum, I was married and I did not have a child for a long time.  Thanks to the recommendations of a psychologist, in order to overcome my depression on this basis, I decided to give all of myself to work.  I really fell in love with children, they are very smart.  I even remember that I had a student who had IELTS 8.0, although at that time I did not have it, I just came from the institute.  In addition to teaching my lessons, I was fully engaged in the documentation of the department.  Subsequently, our mentor, Kamol Karimovich, being the head of the foreign language department, recommended me before retiring.  After I took this position I started to work even harder.  Together with Alisher Khasanovich we opened a learning center, where I also worked as an administrator.  Together with Sanjar Valievich.  I was engaged not only in the promotion of the learning center, but also in the international activities of the lyceum.  Began to negotiate with various universities, create memoranda.  This is how I made my career.


Many people think you are very strict, what do you think of this image of yours?

If you get to know me better, you will understand that I am not strict at all, I really like to joke.  For example, Alisher Khasanovich often scolds me for not being able to maintain subordination with my colleagues, Sanjar, Ilkhom, Timur, girls.  By my nature I am a very kind person, even when you undergo IK, when asked to add one point I always tell you to go to the dean, because knowing my character I cannot refuse.  But for the sake of discipline, academic performance, I have to control myself and show myself strict, because there is no other way.  I tried to be with the children on “gentle tones”, but unfortunately this is impossible.  I personally do not like this, as it drains energy very much and because of this I get wrinkles.


It was in this job that you developed such a “core” in yourself?

Yes, before this work, at the university I was very shy, I could not even look people in the eyes or approach teachers.  I was afraid to bargain at the bazaar.  But year after year, it is generated automatically.


What’s the hardest part of your job?

Hmm, to begin with, I believe that the form is not an indicator of knowledge and I really do not like it when I require the form.

Kira: Wow, unbelievable.

Yes, it is very difficult to contradict yourself and your principles.  But I have to, because our lyceum is always under supervision.  Unfortunately, because of our mentality, it is believed that if people wear whatever they want, then there is no discipline.  Those who do not know you will judge you not by knowledge, but by your appearance.  Therefore, we have to maintain discipline, and discipline is to some extent expressed by your form and lateness.  Everything we do is done to maintain this image. Also, I do not like the fact that we are a state lycium, because the salaries of the teaching staff are quite low.  This leads to the fact that quality teachers stay here only thanks to love and respect for the lyceum.


What do you like most about your job?

Probably, the positive energy that I get from teenagers.  They have a lot of enthusiasm and the fact that they achieved a lot of things in their years is very encouraging to me.  And seeing how many people leave abroad I see my dream come true, because at one time when I won grants, my parents did not let me go to America.  When I see girls in particular who get what they want, I get a lot of joy.  Besides, I really like our team.  There are a lot of young specialists here, during the pandemic we had a very productive time, sometimes even when someone from our team is sick, we cannot sit at home.


Tell us about how you curated.

This is the only thing that did not work for me.  I knew how to teach very well, to be the head of the department, as well as to be a deputy.  But when I did curation, on staff meetings I stood looking at the floor, because when you become a curator these students become very close to you.  And when they begin to explain the reasons for certain actions, you understand them.  But it is difficult to convey every little detail to the administration, in the end everything looks like you are neglecting your main job.  I think precisely because I understood them very much, I could not become a good curator.  I even received reprimands, a cut from my salary.  But nevertheless, it is worth it, because many of my graduates to this day remember and come and it is a very pleasant feeling when they do not owe you anything, but still show their attention.


Do you have any favorite students?

Yes, unfortunately there are favorites.  Despite the fact that I have always condemned it and considered it unprofessional, you cannot order your heart.  I will not tell you the names and surnames, because most likely it is noticeable, despite many of their mistakes, they are still in the Lyceum.  But if they are favorites, it means that they deserve it.  Because despite their difficult fate they have achieved something. I am proud of them.


What is more important to you, academic knowledge or creativity?  And why?

If we take it from the perspective of the future, then most likely academic knowledge is more important, because in our country creativity is not yet so valued.  Despite the fact that I consider myself a creative person, I really like to draw and dance I still achieved everything thanks to academic knowledge.  I think that while we are working the emphasis should be on this, and creativity can be done even in old age.


What do you think is the highlight of the Interhouse?

First of all, it is most likely an individual approach to each of you.  Thanks to the first stage of the selection committee, the interview, we get to know everyone.  Tests do not give such a vivid picture of your personality, but an interview does.  This idea was invented by Alisher Khasanovich.  At the interview, some children behave so confidently, in an adult way, that we give them a chance.  And so far, none of these students has disappointed us.  Rest assured, each of you is very important to us, we really love you very much and are proud of you.  Even though we scold you, we have this warmth in our eyes.  Not a single educational institution has such a capacity to support young people in this way.


Are you more of a careerist or a family man?

This is a very difficult question, I try very hard to keep the balance.  Even though it was very difficult for me in those days, weeks, months, when I slept for 3-4 hours to keep up with everything.  My husband does not quite support me and thinks that it would be better if I remained an ordinary English teacher.  But by nature, I am an ambitious person and it was revived in me thanks to my mother, since she did not work at all all her life because of her family.  Always, when we dined at the table, she said that family and husband are one thing, and your realization is another.  YOU must develop yourself, make a career and be financially independent.  I really wanted to accomplish what she had failed.  Now almost every day she writes to me that she is proud of me. But still, I don’t want to say 50/50.  Let it be 60% family man and 40% careerist.


 How many languages ​​do you know?  How did you teach them?

 I know English perfectly, this is my main foreign language.  Thanks to my Khorezm dialect and the “Magnificent Century” TV series, I learned to speak Turkish.  Also thanks to our Turkish students, of whom there are about 30 at the moment. I also studied French and Arabic, languages ​​which I did not complete due to the fact that I got married.  I would still like to bring my Arabic to the end, since in this language every letter is sacred.


 Is there anything you would like to say to our students outside of the work environment?

 I don’t think there are students who outright hate me, as I hope they understand that my position requires toughness.  There are many students who, when receiving certificates like IELTS, SAT, come and say:

 “Do you remember how you humiliated me?  I’ve gotten out of principles to prove it isn’t. ”  But still, I do not see hatred in their eyes, I see gratitude.

Everything I do, even though sometimes I swear very much on my nerves, I have no personal dislike for any of you.  I scold only after the fact and I think that only thanks to our discipline our lyceum develops.  Therefore, I ask you to understand me correctly, if I offended someone, I ask you to excuse me.  I am proud of each of you..


Interviewer: Shamsutdinova Kira, 1SS1 @mercurianca

Photo by: Tavkhidova Adelina, 1MES2 @dvrseau