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Meeting with a Nobel laureate

On November 7, 2019, a meeting was held at the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers with Dan Shekhtman, an Israeli physicist and chemist, professor of the Haifa Technion, and the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of quasicrystals.

It should be noted that the meeting is designated as historical and archival, and the laureate himself is an honored guest not only of a higher educational institution, but of our entire beautiful capital.

The event began with the presentation of the professor by the Rector of TIIIMSH – Umurzakov Uktam Pardaevich, and after that Dan Shekhtman made an interesting speech concerning water and agriculture, which is directly related to the directions and tasks of the institute.This topic, although not related to the main specialty of the laureate, was specially studied by him and presented to the audience of the audience, among which there were students of TIIIMSH, faculty of TIIIMSH, gifted students of the Academic Lyceum International House – Tashkent at TIIIIMSH and other important guests.

After listening to the informative conversation, the audience had the opportunity to ask the professor questions, the range of which was wide, ranging from scientific activity to personal interests, in other words, Dan Shekhtman’s hobby. Despite the fact that time was limited, students of both educational institutions – TIIIMSH and International House – Tashkent were active in asking very interesting questions and were oriented to get answers, which in turn were not just maintaining a conversation, but motivating young people to achieve new peaks.

At the end of the event, many collective photographs were taken, including at the time of the presentation of memorable prizes to the laureate and while recording his wishes in a book for honored guests of the educational institution. Listeners and invited guests conducted the Nobel Prize winner with admiration and pride in the unique opportunity to personally communicate with such an outstanding personality.