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Miss Interhouse 2021

On March 6, 2021, the Academic Lyceum International House-Tashkent TIIAME held the Miss InterHouse 2021 contest for first-year girls.

Each group nominated worthy candidates who were able to perfectly show themselves, their abilities and talents.

Moreover, the opportunity to sit as judges this year fell to our respected teachers and administration. In the competition, the participants were evaluated on a 10-point scale in four rounds:

  1. Acquaintance
  2. Show your skills in salad making
  3. Show your talent
  4. Tell about one initiative of the president

All the participants showed wonderful presentations, prepared delicious salads and introduced the audience to their talents: singing, choreography, acting, cooking, etc.

As a result of four rounds, the title of Miss InterHouse was awarded to the student of the 1SG1 group Mirzaeva Mohira, who showed the best result among the participants. There were no winners or losers – all the participants became winners in various nominations and were awarded tiaras and diplomas

Participant’s nominations:

  1. Miss Magic Voice – Kabulniyazova Lobar 1tn3
  2. Miss Charming Smile – Pribytkova Angelina 1tn4
  3. Miss Grace – Mavlyanova Sevinch 1tn1
  4. Miss Creativity – Karimbayeva Roxana 1mtn1
  5. Miss Golden Hands – Abdumuminova Sarvinoz 1af1
  6. Miss Tenderness – Rakhmonova Diyora 1af1
  7. Miss Charm – Kholdarova Takhmina 1mtn2
  8. Miss Individuality – Rikhsieva Sarvinoz 1af3
  9. Miss Talent – Abdujabbarova Shahrizoda 1tn2
  10. Miss Inspiration – Safarova Farzona 1af2

We want to congratulate female students and teachers on International Women’s Day!


Text author: Abbasova Kamila 1MTN2 @kami_a_23

Editor: Khalikova Dono 1ES4 @danaliyaa