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Nature belongs to us all!

Nature belongs to us all. Therefore, it is our duty to make every effort for its prosperity. This is exactly what the students of the “International House Tashkent” “TIIAME” NRU did on April 13, 2022.

Having cooperated, about 120 first and second year students together with the lyceum administration visited a specially designated area for planting trees outside the city. Everyone contributed by planting over 500 seedlings and about 1,000 colorful flowers.

Thanks to the initiative of the graduates and students themselves, our lyceum now has its own green zone in nature. The created “Green Forest” of the lyceum “International House Tashkent” became the beginning of a new tradition of going out into nature for the purpose of caring for planted trees, as well as for productive recreation and pastime of students in nature. The contribution was made by several generations of students of our lyceum, not only now students, but also graduates of different years, which warms the soul very much, because even after so many years they are eager to benefit both the lyceum and the world around them.

In the near future, plans are planned to hold cultural events, planting new types of trees, landscaping of our site.

Such events really unite our guys and allow them to try something new, bringing not only benefits to nature but also an excellent experience.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who brought their investment into the landscaping of our garden and showed patience, because it will remain for many years.

We also thank the administration for organizing and creating conditions for such a useful experience for our students, because this is not the last such trip!