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Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks for your hard work!

On behalf of the administration of the Academic Lyceum International House Tashkent, we want to congratulate our teaching staff on Teacher’s Day!


May your work bring both joy and pride in your students. We wish you happiness and warmth in your family, fulfillment of the brightest hopes! We highly appreciate the generosity of your loving hearts, your patience and understanding, dedication and love for your students! We wish you strong health, vigor of body and spirit, joy from your hard work and every success in your personal life!


Even during the quarantine measures, you remained a support for your students, saw couples, were understanding and loving. Students from all over the Interhouse want to thank you so much for being there!


Also on this occasion, on September 28, at the Interhouse Academic Lyceum, at the Pedagogical Council, teachers were awarded certificates of honor, who, during the period of quarantine measures, actively participated in conducting online lessons for our students, took part in RECEPTION 2020, as well as our honorary teachers. Lyceum director A.Kh. Tillaev read out a congratulatory letter from the Rector of TIIIMSKh, Doctor of Economics, Professor U. P. Umurzakov, and congratulated each teacher on this significant day.


We would like to express our special gratitude to these people:

Rustamova N.N.

Yusupiy F.U

Hidoyatov M.B.

Mavlyanov B.Z

Ruzikulova G.F

Muxamedova G.B

Lebedova M.O

Tojiboeva M.X

Rahmatullaeva I.M

Axmedova M.A.

Safin P.R

Majnunov S.V

Xusanov I.B.

Bobomurodov E.S

Sadikova D.Z

Shamsieva N.Z

Xaydarova F.N

Dadamuxamedova N.A.

Irbulatov T.I.

Nigmatov X.R

Maxmudov A.R

Abduraximova M.A.

Maxmudova M.V

Qurbon R.K

Agzamxodjaeva M.Sh

Ermatova M.M

Narmuxamedova D.D.

Xasanova Z.S.


Abduqadirova M.M

Kamalitdinova N.S.

Kalandarova G.I.

Congratulations to all the teachers!