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Turkish Literature Evening

On April 8, “Türk edebiyat akşamı” was held in our lyceum “International House-Tashkent”, organized by our Turkish citizens. The evening was dedicated to Turkish literature, folk dances, songs and Turkish heroes.

The program was opened as a sign of mutual friendly support of fraternal countries by the anthems of the two countries. The program also included poems by such outstanding Turkish writers as: Orhan Veli, Nazım Hikmet, Özdemir Asaf, Necip Fazıl, Mehmet Akif Ersoy.The students of the second and first courses performed the folk dance “Şemmame”.

Simsar Sedef, a student of 1TN3, performed folk songs praising the beauty of the nature of Turkey, accompanied by Turkish musical instruments performed by a guest teacher of a Turkish school. The special guests of the evening were the parents of our foreign friends, who also performed the Dar Geldi Sana Ankara dance together with the guys.

In such a short time, our students have done a lot, especially we thank Irem Ataman student 2SG1 and our beautiful Gulnoza Bahadyrovna! We also express our gratitude to all participants of this event: Irem Ataman, Saide Erdoğan, Sedef Simsar, Zeynep Çakmak, Irmak Canpolat, Nida Yılmaz, Timur Öztürk, Kaan Kutluk, Kerim Gökbak, Meriç Aras Ince, Ahmet Talha Erdoğan, Alperen Mustafa Topak, Büşra Çelik, Hümeyra Bulun, Ayşenur Erdinç, Teoman Yılmaz, Serhat Simsar, Düzgüncan Söylemez, Gökalp Okay!
The evening ended with family and group photos of students.