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“We may not be able to save everyone we would like to. But we will save much more than those who do not even try …” – P. Scott

 This is probably one of the most popular quotes about volunteers.  The key to successful volunteering is to just start, just try.

 On December 4, the IHT Volunteers Club set off on its first kind of “journey” with the new head of the club, Anora Hoshimhojevai, and the direct organizer of all this, psychologist Gulnoza Bakhodyrovna.

 We visited several low-income families where children with disabilities live, having traveled all over the city and beyond.

 For many, this was their first experience in volunteering, so it made a big impression on the majority.  Seeing their world, people who are not sure of the future, makes you think.

 With excerpts from conversations with the families we visited, we would like to show what it is to be in their position.

 The first family we placed has a child with autism.

Gulnoza Bakhodyrovna: If you need any help, you can contact us.  Now we will try to ask the minimum number of questions so as not to scare the baby.  With a lot of people around him, he may have seizures, right?

 -Yes, he is very receptive to people.  Sometimes I take him with me to the studio where I work, but he quickly gets tired, watching my sewing, begins to cry and be capricious.  She is afraid of strangers and hides in her room … Excuse me, I probably bother you here, the mother of a sick child tells us in tears

 “Please don’t apologize.  May God grant your son health and strength to your family.

 Essential products were provided to those who really needed them.  The second family is experiencing difficulties due to the fact that the child received a contraindicated vaccination, which led to disability.

 – He was born healthy, but by mistake the doctors happened … he received a contraindicated vaccination in childhood.

 – Tell us if you need any help.

 – Nothing now, thanks.  The only thing is that we plan to treat him soon.

 – And what about the operations?

 – No, they are helpless.

 – What about finances?

 – Well, as you can see, it’s not very good.  We do not have our own apartment, we rent it.  But it doesn’t matter to me, I don’t need an apartment, no electricity, no repairs.  If only they could help my child.

 Now I am looking for a job and I am thinking of sending older children to kindergarten.

 – Your daughter is a great fellow!

 – I am already two years old – the girl answers.

 – How big!

 – My healthy son was born, do you understand?  But a month old baby received the wrong injection.  Those doctors and nurses were fired, but the baby was left with consequences.  He is now 4, he just learned to sit down, it is hard for him to hold his head.

 Most of the children from the families visited suffer through the fault of the carelessness of the medical staff, which makes it even more offensive.  They were born perfectly healthy, but in the end they are in such a deplorable state.

 – We took it as a test from God.  It is not for nothing that they say that as on the hand all 5 fingers are different, so in life each has its own share of happiness and unhappiness.  But we have it very sensitive.  As soon as she goes outside, someone will remind her of her illness, and she immediately runs home.  And now her sisters are going to deal with the offenders.  They will never hurt each other.

 – She understands everything and it hurts her badly.

 The girl, Mushtariy, begins to cry and show with gestures that she is being bullied on the street.

 – Honey, people often do not think what they are talking about and are very ignorant.  If you pay attention to everyone, it will be very difficult.  The closest people love you and will never be offended.  Look, how beautiful you are with us!

 Shows with gestures that she cannot but pay attention.  Often covers ears due to offenders.  Crying a lot

 – Sun, we did not come for your tears.  Look, the girls have come to you.  We will come to you often.  Or you can come to our lyceum.  Do you want to visit your sisters at the Lyceum?

 – She is very emotional, quickly starts crying.  Can’t listen to lullabies or prayers, she gets hysterical.

 The girl points to the sky, the grandmother translates:

 – She had a grandfather, but now he’s in heaven.  She is very attached to him.  He affectionately called her Anora because of her red birthmarks.

 The girl smiles at Anor’s name, loves this nickname.

 – We have it very large.

 The girl says with gestures that she feels changes in her body, the transitional age begins.  Then he shows that he will soon wear dresses and make up.  Loves to sing and listen to music.

 When our photographer starts photographing her, Mushtariy starts posing.  This girl is incredibly open, and all the correspondents got a lot of pleasure communicating with her.

 We really hope that this article will awaken in you a desire to take a closer look at the volunteer club, and volunteering in general.  Realize what a happy person you are and that there are people with whom this happiness can be shared.


Organizer: Gulnoza Bakhodyrovna


Leader of the Volunteer Club: Hoshimhodjaeva Anora, 1SS1 @maybe.anora

Article author: Shamsutdinova Kira, 1SS1 @kira_mercury

Photo by: Tavkhidova Adelina, 1MES2 @dvrseau