What to expect in the interview?

The questions given in the interview on the English language considerably vary by grammar, logics and situative queries. One is to be interviewed on the having the due level of GENERAL ENGLISH to substitute to study at “International House Tashkent” academic lyceum. Having been inquired on Grammar one can confront the questions that enable someone express one’s opinion clearly and correctly. One can deal with questions like interjection, complex and compound sentences, stative and dynamic verbs, the tenses, the articles, the prepositions, conjunctions, subjunctive and imperative mood, phrasal verbs and etc.

The queries which are given to logics require from one logical as well as successive thinking and decision. Situative questions show how one enables to get out of a difficulty presenting oneself flexible and adaptable. Therefore, it is important to enrich one’s vocabulary so that one is able to understand the question of the examiner, as well as having listening and speaking skills.

Obtaining suitable and essential knowledge, ability we hope you will succeed.