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10 rainy days of a summer school in Moscow

In previous articles, we talked about the early days of a summer school at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. On June 26, lyceum students visited the MGSU arena, which houses a mini-football ground, an indoor athletics stadium and a swimming pool.

According to Aleksey Olegovich Adamtsevich, candidate of technical sciences, senior researcher, the MGSU arena was built in accordance with Olympic standards, and most Olympic athletes are trained in it.

After completing the tour, guests were given the opportunity to control an unmanned aerial vehicle – the “drone”. At the university, it is used for scanning and 3D modeling. With the help of a drone, Vorobyov Pavel Yuryevich photographed students of the Lyceum for further 3D modeling.

Then, 3rd year students of the NRU MGSU Valery and Alexander explained what BIM modeling is and how to create a 3D model of a building in the AUTODESK REVIT program. The explanation process took a long time. It is interesting that, although Valeria and Alexandra are students, at the same time they work as scientific employees of the Smart City REC.

The next day was rainy, but also exciting. IHT students visited several laboratories of the NRU MGSU, where they got acquainted with the features of hydraulic structures.

Director of the Institute of Hydrotechnical and Power Engineering, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Aniskin Nikolai Alekseevich told how hydraulic structures work and clearly demonstrated the basic principles on the mock-ups.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Scientific and Educational Center for Hydrotechnics, Hydraulic Research Laboratory, Bryanskaya Julia Vadimovna conducted practice-oriented classes in the direction “Hydraulics and hydraulic structures.”

And after lunch, Valery and Alexandra joined the students, who continued the story about 3D projects. Each student had to create a building project in the AUTODESK REVIT program.

June 28 was an interesting lecture by the employee of the department of information systems, technologies and automation in construction Davydov Alexey Evgenievich. He spoke about the Allplan program, one of the developers of which he is.

This is a computer-aided design system created by Nemetschek Allplan Systems GmbH. The program allows you to construct any building in 3D format and identify problems in advance during the construction process.

On Saturday, the lyceum students had a tour of Moscow. Despite the low temperature and heavy rains, the students used the opportunity to get acquainted with the sights of the city.

Lyceum students walked around the Alexander Garden, admiring the beautiful fountains, looked at Red Square and got acquainted with its rich history. A beautiful view, opened from the Sparrow  Hills, against the backdrop of Moscow State University, prompted lyceum students to dreams of entering this university. Unfortunately, one day to visit Moscow is clearly not enough, and there is no time left to explore many of its beauties. Maybe next time?

July 1, Vorobyov Pavel Yuryevich, chairman of the student scientific society, held a “round table” during which lyceum students discussed the role of students in science, as well as the essence and significance of student associations. In the end, IHT students were asked to design concepts regarding student science and research topics.

On July 2, IHT students completed work on their projects in BIM modeling. Each student had his own project for the future building, which could be seen with the help of special glasses that open virtual reality.

On this study at the summer school of NRU MGSU ended. Each student was congratulated on the completion of the curriculum by Andrei Petrovich Pustovgar, Vice-Rector for Research, personally, certificates were awarded, and results were summed up.

The result of the ten-day summer school was both joyful and sad. The benefits of the summer school were tangible for all participants. New impressions, new approaches to education, new friends, a new look at construction and the construction business – all these were the results of the summer school. The level of lectures and master classes was high, despite the first experience in organizing a summer school. It was sad to leave the hospitable university.

The administration of AL International House Tashkent TIIIMSH, headed by the director A.Kh. Tillaev, as well as the administration of TIIIMSH, thanks the NIU MGSU for the warm welcome and professional approach to holding a summer school for AL IHT students.

This was the first experience in organizing studies at the NRU MGSU. Such summer schools are planned to be implemented annually.

Knowledge is the absolute value of our time …