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Uktam Umurzakov, Pardaevich

Doctor of Economics, Professor. Rector of the Tashkent Institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers

International House Tashkent lyceum was founded as an educational institution at the Tashkent Institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers in 1993, where students could feel like a person and have the prerequisites for discovering their potential, and above all as a search for new forms and methods of teaching high school students in a comfortable learning environment.

Since the first years of its Foundation, the Institute’s teachers have worked and continued to work at the Lyceum.

For 25 years of its activity, the Lyceum has established itself in the Republic as an educational institution with a high level of knowledge, a stable number of gifted children (excellent students), a high percentage of admission to universities.

It is interesting to note that over the years, graduates have studied at 126 Universities abroad.

These good traditions have been preserved for many years. Hundreds of graduates work in the public service (foreign Ministry, Prosecutor’s Office, Cabinet of Ministers, presidential Office, journalism, education), business entrepreneurship, and international organizations abroad.

Tillaev Alisher Khasanovich

Principal Of The Academic Lyceum International House Tashkent

For 25 years of activity in the Academic Lyceum International House Tashkent more than 5000 graduates. The Lyceum has developed a management system that reflects the specifics of the educational institution by ensuring continuity in the activities of all management structures, mutual responsibility, and the criterion of responsibility for each – the result. Our success confirms this. Every year the graduates enter higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and beyond its borders. The result is the rate of admission to universities of graduates, on average 90-95%. The main criterion is discipline and consistency in all parameters of educational activity of the educational institution.

The wealth of society is largely generated by knowledge and skills; it is created mainly by educated people. Of course, two years of study at the Lyceum is a pre-professional preparation of students in the academic Lyceum on the way to higher education. Our activities are aimed at creating comfortable conditions in classrooms, on the territory of the Lyceum, in the communicative culture, to encourage and support gifted students.

Rustamova Nailya Narimanovna

Deputy principal for foreign languages

By teaching, we learn by ourselves. Docento discimus

Education is carried out by society through educational institutions, and in this process of forming the mind, intellectual competence, worldview, culture, we can not exclude the possibility of self – education, and in the modern world, the wide availability of the information field – the Internet. Be brave and recognize the sage in yourself.

A wise man is always happy…

Teaching should not be reduced to the translation of factual knowledge, what is said should always point to something more, to another still unspoken knowledge, that is, to serve as a guide and support in the world around us.

Yusupiy Farangis Ulugbekovna

Deputy principal for Youth Affairs

Inter-house excels in training, learning and developing leaders in many areas that are important worldwide. I believe that Interhouse is a small world where every resident is a student and unique.

I admire the students ‘ knowledge, the way they behave, I admire how confident and independent they are at this age.

I want to emphasize the important role and importance of our highly qualified teachers, as well as our kind and understanding parents!

Tadjibaeva Mamura XALIMJANOVNA

Deputy principal for academic Affairs

Majnunov Sanjar Valievich

Head of education affairs

Mukhamedova Gulnoza Bakhodirova


Narmukhamedova Dilfuza Djamalovna

Head of HR

Khaydarova Farangiz Normurodovna

Methodist for Academic Affairs

Dadamukhamedova Nodira Abror kizi

Leader of youth union

Kariimjonov Murodjon Botirjon o'g'li


Abdurakhmanov Robert Rustambekovich


Mutalov Otabek Bakhrom o'g'li

Chief Legal Adviser

Zavarzina Olga Nikolaevna

RPI specialist

5 reasons to study at ''International House Tashkent'' TIIAME

1.  Academic Lyceum “International House Tashkent” occupies annually leading positions in the rating of the educational system of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

2. Quality education, highly qualified teaching staff. Lectures by teachers of leading foreign Universities.

3.  Innovative educational environment. WI-FI zone. Annual modernization of the entire Lyceum.

4. The unity of the students. The atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood.

5. A rich program of events, festivals and excursions.