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Computer-delivered IELTS

Master class on “Computer-delivered IELTS”.


On November 24, 2020, a master class conducted by an official representative of IDP was held at the lyceum International House-Tashkent TIIAME for pupils.


CD IELTS is an analog of Paper-delivered IELTS, but unlike the classic exam, the entire procedure is carried out on a computer. “With the help of computer testing, you can pass the IELTS test simply by typing the answers on the computer, which is much more convenient because of the convenient systematization of information”, said the IDP representative.



Students were told about the system of passing the IELTS CD through a visual video, which revealed to the participants of the master class all the positive aspects of passing the exam, its structure; provided information about a huge range of facts that are beneficial for pupils. CD IELTS differs from the classic exam in many ways:

  • more test dates;
  • more test locations;
  • announcement of results within 3-5 days;
  • convenient systematization of information.


They also provided information about the IDP site – where pupils can get even more useful information about IELTS exams, try out the IELTS CD procedure, and register for the official exam.


After the introductory conversation, students received answers to their questions, which helped them in choosing the option of passing the exam.


Prepared by: Abbasova Kamila 1MTN2 @kami_a_23

Edited by: Sultanboeva Farangiz 2TN5 @sultanboeva

Photo by: Tavkhidova Adelina 1MTH2 @dvrseau