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Kira’s razz — Nailya Narimanovna

I would like to start this article somehow poetically, maybe philosophical.  But none of the quotes found on the Internet will be able to properly reflect the rich inner world of our today’s guest.  I would like to draw your attention to one of the most well-read personalities I have ever met.  Dear Nailya Narimanovna, Deputy Director for International Relations and Cooperation.

 -Can you tell us how it all started.  How was the Lyceum established?

 The idea itself goes back to the era of Aristotle, because it was with him that the first lyceum was created.  But regarding our lyceum, its founders were International house Moscow and International house London.  The teachers and deans of these lyceums came and took exams from the first lyceum students.  The author of the idea was Ibragimova Elmira Zakirovna, who is the first director of IHT.

 – Do you consider the work in the lyceum your brainchild?

 I have been working here for 27 years, but I do not consider it my own brainchild, this is a common brainchild of all students who came every day and made their small contribution.

 – How did you start your career?

 As you know, by profession I am an Arabist-orientalist, I started my work as a translator in the Arabian Peninsula.

 – Why did you decide to work at the Lyceum?

 It was Ibragimova Elmira Zakirovna, as I have already noted who offered me this job, and I in turn did not refuse

 – Do you remember the very first graduates?

 Of course, our first 75 students … just three classes.  They still remember their lyceum, so I would say that they are the most memorable.

 – Was there any plans to unite all the graduates of the lyceum?  Create something like union?

 This is a wonderful question, because Alisher Khasanovich and I have been discussing this for two years now.  We would like to create a so-called “league” (a reference to the Ivy League).  I really want you, our students, to help us in this.  (Yes, yes, here we are talking directly about you, dear reader).  The difference between our graduates is that even after leaving they remain high school students, remember and love the high school.

 – Why did you choose oriental studies?

 Once, after hearing the speech of an orientalist whose speech was better than the tales of Scheherazade, I was so inspired that I dropped out of the medical field and decided to become an orientalist.

 – What profession is most relevant now?

 All professions are relevant, but today, when we are all in such an unforeseen environment, the world needs not only doctors, but also specialists in such narrow specialties as virology and microbiology.

 – Which prom was the most memorable release for you?

 All graduatings are great.

 – Did you have any thoughts about leaving the lyceum?  If so, why didn’t you do it?

 Of course, they were not so much about leaving the lyceum, but simply about taking a break from work.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I am staying here.

 – What makes the interhouse unique?

 There is some kind of spirit here.  The spirit of brotherhood.  By no means exaggerating, I can say that crossing the threshold of the lyceum, you pass into another world.

 – What is the main goal of our lyceum for today?

 First of all, the expansion of the lyceum.  Larger auditoriums, new library.

 Kira: and other innovations that I would not want to spoil about 😉

 – What book would you advise students to read first?

 By recommending a particular author, I can offend others even though I am just a reader.  It is worth reading classics, perhaps modern classics, for example Stephen Fry, Kurt Vonnegut, Chuck Palahniuk.

 – Name one character trait that you think everyone should have.


 – The main achievement of the interhouse.

 Our main achievement is you, our students

 – What advice would you give the graduates of the interhouse for successful admission to the university?

 To follow the educational standard of teaching within the walls of the academic lyceum.  Don’t say that Nailya Narimanovna thinks in a standard way, we live in a state, and the state is a discipline.  Our lyceum is a kind of small state, so we must obey the demands of the teachers.

 – What about advice to ninth grade graduates for admission to lyceum?

 I can only advise one thing – make the right choice.  If you really want to study, then go to academic lyceums.  They provide theoretical knowledge, thanks to which you can enter a higher educational institution.

 – What kind of music do you like?

 If you look at it, I love all genres.  Even metal and rock.  But of course, I love the classics of any time.



 – What comes first, discipline, study, creativity?

 For me personally, creativity.

 – To judge a person by his mistakes or achievements?

 You can reason or have an opinion about a person without judging. But still if you need to choose then mistakes.

 – Live in the past or in the future?


 – Philosophy and art or detective and drama?


 – The era of the Renaissance or Modern time?

 Modernity building on the Renaissance

 – Kazimir Malevich or Salvador Dali?

 I accept the creativity of both of them.

 – What is the most beautiful language?

 A language that is native to a person.

 – Tea or coffee?

 I prefer spring water.

 – Cold or hot?

 There is no bad weather.

 Just as nature doesn’t have bad weather, we don’t have bad interviews!

 At least, I would very much like to hope so.  Well, as usual, kudos for your reading, dear reader!


Interviewer: Shamsutdinova Kira, 1SS1 @mercurianca

Photo by: Tavkhidova Adelina, 1MES2 @dvrseau