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“MISiS lights the stars”

October 3, 2019, students of the Academic Lyceum “International House – Tashkent” TIIIMSH with high organization, headed by the director of the lyceum Tillaev Alisher Khasanovich, teachers of the department of exact and natural sciences, at the invitation of the administration and director of the Almalyk branch of the National Research Technological University “MISIS” Umarov Farhodbek

Yarkulovich,took part in the qualifying round of the Olympiad “MISiS lights the stars”, which is organized annually, with the aim of developing students’ creative abilities, interest in scientific activities, supporting people with certain abilities, assisting in vocational guidance, popularizing engineering education.

The organization of this event included not only participation in the Olympiad, we were warmly welcomed by the university administration, headed by Suleyman Rashidovich Khudoyarov, deputy director for educational work.

Khudoyarov Suleiman Rashidovich personally conducted a very interesting tour of the university, which in turn is a campus, with very beautiful educational buildings, equipped with the most advanced innovative technology, rich educational laboratories, a library, a sports ground, a dining room, all this inside the campus, a hostel …

During the tour, students learned about how, how and by what technique metallurgy develops, how minerals are mined, about

robotics … In turn, lyceum students showed themselves as curious and erudite students and received comprehensive answers to their questions.The administration of the Almalyk branch of the National Research Technological University “MISiS” proposed to cooperate with our lyceum. Since their students are also interested in conducting intellectual and all kinds of competitions with equal youth such as “What? Where? When? ”,“ KVN ”, sports competitions, etc.

Only the first qualifying round took place, in which most of our students for the first time and proudly performed at the International Olympiad on behalf of the Academic Lyceum “International House – Tashkent”. In the eyes of the children, we saw a great desire not only to take part and take a prize for

ourselves, we saw how they experienced and wanted to make their first contribution, the first victory and protect the honor of the Lyceum. No matter how they performed, in turn, we are also proud of our students. Their participation in this Olympiad is already their small victory.

Participating in this Olympiad, our students do not want to stop. Having left the Olympiad immediately, they began to discuss and try to find a solution to the problems they doubted. The Olympiad generated excitement among our students, they want to know more, fill in the shortcomings, learn to reason correctly, they want to prepare and speak better, and expect the next competition …