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On March 5, 2022, the contest “Miss Interhouse 2022” was held at the academic lyceum “International House Tashkent” of the NRU “TIIAME”.

First-year students took part in this event. One wonderful candidate was presented from each group, who were able to present themselves and their talents with dignity!

The Lyceum ‘s best girl contest was held in three stages:

1) Presentation of yourself
2) Salad preparation
3) Talent Show

All the participants did their best and made a huge impression. Each of the girls was unique and inimitable, each prepared salad sunk into the soul of the jury members in the person of teachers and administration. The talent of each delighted the audience of the event. Dances, poems, musical instruments, songs — everything that our wonderful ladies conquered the hearts of the jury.

According to the results of the contest, all those present received a lot of emotions, and the participating ladies received special awards in various nominations. There are no winners and losers in this contest, all the girls were wonderful! And so… Nominations!

Miss Individuality – Nazrulayeva Khilola, group 1tn1.
Miss Talent – Abdrimova Ezoza, group 1tn2.
Miss Positive – Ukubaeva Azhar, group 1mtn1.
Miss of Visual Sympathies – Mollakhunova Alinur, group 1sg1.
Miss Grace – Iboddulayeva Dilsora, group 1af1.
Miss Golden Hands – Hasanova Guzal, group 1af2.
Miss Politeness – Mahmudova Diera, group 1tn4.
Miss Creativity – Madina Daminova, group 1af3.

And finally, the long-awaited nomination of the entire contest…
“Miss Interhouse 2022” is Sharipova Zebo!
A wonderful girl and the owner of a beautiful voice, a student of group 1mtn2!

We express our gratitude to the director of the Academic Lyceum together with the administration and the head of volunteers for organizing this event.

Text from: Yuldasheva Malika 1tn1.
Video clip from Mahmudov Abbos 1mtn2