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New week, new achievements of students of “International House Tashkent” academic lyceum NRU “TIIAME”

A week ago, we began to introduce you to our successful students who, before completing their studies at the lyceum, not only managed to enroll in the best universities in the world and in the country as a whole, but also received substantial amounts of tuition discounts (scholarship). We present to your attention the following five talented students of AL “IHT”

Akhmedjonov Sardor – student of group 2TN2

A recent guest of our “Kira’s razz” program, Akhmedjonov Sardor, managed to prove himself to foreign universities with his academic success as a successful and comprehensively developed student of our lyceum.
At the moment, our student has enrolled in such top universities as:
Duke Kunshan University $224,000 (100% Scholarship)
Arizona State University $100,000
Pace University $95,000
University of Arizona $88,000
HSE University $55,000
Total discount: $562,000

Abdujabborova Shakhrizoda – student of group 2TN2

Our student Abdujabbarova Shakhrizoda managed to enter several of the best universities in the world ahead of schedule with a solid amount of discounts on tuition, namely:
New York University $219200 (95% scholarship)
Arizona University $58000
NYU Shanghai
Arizona State University
University of Alabama
Pace University
Illinois State University
Total discount: $277,200

Azimkhodjaev Abdulazizkhoja – student of group 2AF3

Early admission to:
Japan digital university

For information: Japan digital university – one of the main tasks of the University is the training of competitive personnel with higher education in the field of information and communication technologies, software development, management of information systems and computer networks, as well as in other fields of economics.

Kabulniazova Lobar – student of group 2TN3

Prematurely enrolled in: Synergy University (Moscow) in the direction of “Advertising and Public Relations”
For information: Synergy University has been training professionals with a set of practical knowledge and skills for more than 30 years both to launch and develop their own business and to work in managerial positions in large companies. The goal of the university is to make quality education accessible to everyone.

Bahodirova Farangiz – student of group 2AF1

Prematurely enrolled in:
British management university in Tashkent (20% scholarship)

For information: British Management University in Tashkent is one of the leading universities in the field of management in Central Asia, preparing future business leaders and high-level professionals for key sectors of the economy.

We are saying goodbye to you for exactly one week, and in the following publications we will continue to introduce you to our talented students.

If there are those among you who have already received an invitation from universities and entered universities ahead of schedule and want to be in the place of these students, leave a request to us and we will contact you.

The article was prepared by Karimjanov Murod