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Report on the trip of lyceum students to Samarkand

Our friendly lyceum family recently visited the cultural capital of Uzbekistan, the city of Samarkand. Each of the students was imbued with the atmosphere of the old city, narrow streets, enjoyed the monuments, mosques and mausoleums. A team of curators, volunteers and students spent a wonderful 16 hours on the road and in the city itself.

After the tour, everyone who went to Samarkand can boast of visiting some of the most magnificent places in Uzbekistan, namely: Registan Square, the Gur-Emir Mausoleum, the Bibi-Khanum Mausoleum, the Hazret-Khizr Mosque and many others. The guide told the students historical legends and legends. Lyceum students also visited the tomb of the first president – Islam Abduganievich Karimov.

Of course, it is worth noting the atmosphere between the students. Throughout the tour, students were accompanied only by positive emotions. The bus ride was fun and atmospheric, dancing during the dinner was colorful and unforgettable.

Each of the guys returned home, filled with impressions, who learned a lot of new things, with famous Samarkand cakes.

I would like to thank our esteemed director and administration for organizing such an interesting and exciting trip on behalf of all students! We learned a lot of interesting things, this is the merit of the leadership.