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The pride of the Lyceum “International House Tashkent” NRU “TIIAME”

Today we are pleased to present to you our 2nd year students who have distinguished themselves among their peers with academic success, as well as their activity in the social life of the lyceum. The following five continued the long-standing tradition of the lyceum, namely, these guys entered the Best foreign universities in the world ahead of schedule and were awarded grants and scholarship. Next, we will introduce you to each of our students in more detail.

Muhammad Otabek Yusupov: Group 2TN1

He entered such universities ahead of schedule as:
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.
Adelphi University: $96,000 Scholarship
A $74,000 scholarship from the University of Arizona
Irkutsk National Research Technical University: US$ 5,000 scholarship
Drexel University
Purdue University
British University of Management
Total discount: $180,000

-What advice can you give to your peers who are going to enter universities?

-I am attracted to the financial and economic sphere, because my family is closely connected with this business. Having enrolled in many top universities, I would like to share tips based on my own experience. The biggest advice is to be yourself when choosing your future. When choosing foreign universities, pay attention not only to the status and cost, but also to the location of the university, the number of students from other countries to feel at ease. Prepare more carefully for the interview, because it is the manner of your communication and oratory that will help distinguish you from other capable applicants. In addition, do not forget about deadlines.

Angelina Pribytkova: Group 2TN4

Prematurely enrolled in:
HSE in the field of Psychology with a discount of 364,000 rubles. She is a diploma student of the 3rd degree in the direction of “Psychology” IOM-2022 from the HSE. Having become the holder of the 3rd degree of the International Youth Olympiad, Angelina Pribytkova has an excellent opportunity to choose directions in different HSE campuses: Philosophy (Moscow), Psychology (Moscow), Business Management (Perm, Nizhny Novgorod).

— Why did you choose the direction of psychology?

-My choice is the HSE. I’ve always wanted to help people solve their problems, listen to them, or just comfort them. In this regard, I chose the direction of psychology.
I am happy to give advice to my peers about admission, because I already have experience with this. I advise you to follow the news in the field of education, namely the holding of Olympiads, because they are the guide and a huge chance to enroll ahead of schedule.

Rasulov Javokhir: group 2SG1

Early admission to:
University of Arizona $74000
University of Tulsa $64000
Florida Tech University $40000
University of Indianapolis $76000
Bangor University $11000
Total discount: $265000

-We know that you have entered several universities ahead of schedule, but have you decided which university you will continue your studies at?

-Having enrolled in 5 foreign universities, I am waiting for the results from other universities to decide on the choice of further education, because since I was lucky enough to enroll in several at once, it is necessary to analyze and compare all kinds of university options. To be honest, I already have my eye on the University of Arizona, because I entered the Faculty of Political Science.

Ergasheva Ziyoda: Group 2TN4

Diploma student of the 3rd degree of the International Youth Olympiad (IOM 2022) in the direction of “Oriental Studies”. Having become a graduate student in this field, Ergasheva Ziyoda has already booked a place for herself at two campuses of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the profile of “Oriental Studies”.

-What is your vocation?

-My vocation is history, because from an early age my grandfather initiated me into the most interesting and fascinating events that took place in this world. In addition to history, I am fond of the IT field and in the future I plan to improve and contribute to this area so that it will go down in history.

Kim Alexander: Group 2TN4

Early enrolled in:
HSE in the field of Psychology with a discount of 364,000 rubles. Diploma of the 3rd degree in the direction of “Psychology” IOM-2022 from the Higher School of Economics. This degree makes it possible for Kim Alexander to choose a place of study at the Higher School of Economics between several tracks of directions, namely: Philosophy (Moscow), Psychology (Moscow), Business Management (Perm, Nizhny Novgorod)

— Did classes at the Lyceum help you when you entered?

-Interhouse is the key to success. Thanks to my studies at this lyceum, I entered the HSE ahead of schedule.

Interhouse closely cooperates with various top universities, which contributes to the promotion and growth of students’ competence.

We are saying goodbye to you for exactly one week, and in the following publications we will continue to introduce you to our talented students.

If there are those among you who have already received an invitation from universities and entered universities ahead of schedule and want to be in the place of these students, leave a request to us and we will contact you.

The article was prepared by Karimjanov Murod