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The first day of the summer camp at NRU MGSU began with an introduction to the University. IHT students were met by Pavel Yuryevich Vorobyov, Chairman of the Student Scientific Society. Pavel Yuryevich will be with IHT students for 10 days and conducts excursions around the territory of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and, in particular, the city of Moscow. He will also conduct various trainings and lectures.

The welcoming speech of the IHT students was met by Andrei Petrovich Pustovgar, Vice-Rector for Research. He told the students about the history of NRU MGSU and a little about the scientific and educational school itself. Natalia Vladimirovna Samotesova also welcomed the Head of the Department for the Coordination of International Cooperation, responsible for the summer scientific and educational school.

After breakfast, IHT students were waited by Blinov Ivan Valerievich, an engineer at the SRI SMIT NRU MGSU.

He conducted a tour of the university laboratories and spoke in detail about the tests of various building materials. Ivan Valerievich, explained why and for which tests and studies each laboratory equipment is needed.

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The next step was a lecture on nanotechnology and nanomaterials. His junior scientific collaboration was held by REC Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies Sergey Sergeyevich Inozemtsev. The lecture was very interesting and the students learned a lot of useful things about the application of nanotechnology in construction.

The most interesting excursion was in the largest wind tunnel in Russia, which was carried out by Oleg Olegovich Yegorychev, a researcher at the UAPL AAASK NIU MGSU. This wind tunnel conducts research and testing of models of various buildings. As Oleg Olegovich said, all major construction structures and buildings in Russia are tested in this wind tunnel.

After lunch, Pavel Yurievich Vorobyov gave a lecture and told in general about the history of the NRU MGSU, why this university is the right and best choice for higher education. He spoke about the construction business in Russia, about all the major construction projects in which graduates and employees of the

NRU MGSU directly participated. He also talked about new technologies that are used in construction today.