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Zakovat intellectual game’s new season has started

The intellectual capacity of today’s youth is growing immensely, surprisingly erudite, resourceful and out-of-the-box thinking.
The students of “International House Tashkent” Lyceum are no exception and also abound with suggestive intellectual abilities and education in a variety of fields.

November 24, an intellectual game “Zakovat” was held at the lyceum for such enthusiasts. The purpose of such games is to develop people’s broadmindedness, teamwork skills and the ability to find a way out of the most intricate and complicated situations.
The quiz was attended by 13 teams who were asked different types of questions for two hours, testing their knowledge in everything imaginable: from knowledge of the world of economics to being versed in the world of films and books.

The pupils had an unforgettable experience, carrying their charge and energy from start to finish of the evening. The judges were amazed at the erudition of the students, who not only gained invaluable experience, but also simply had a great time.

The intellectual game will take place every week.
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